Jeffrey Taylor
Jeffrey Taylor

I have been using this software for many years and found it to be user-friendly and it indeed helps me to manage my properties from anywhere!

Samantha Easton
Samantha Easton

I love that I can do anything I need from my phone or office computer. All of the data is stored in one place and my tenants can communicate easily through the tenant portal. We can track work orders and rent payments easily to ensure nothing gets missed.

Rafael Wong Perez
Rafael Wong Perez

This software has been the cornerstone of an efficient administration. The application is intuitive and easy to learn. PMC's pricing structure is very competitive for all the features it offers, specially for start up businesses. It allows you to start small but it's totally scalable as your administration business grows. It's help desk is very responsive. Fully recommend the app.

Michael H.
Michael H.

When I started the search for a property management platform, I wanted a scalable, robust cloud-based solution, that provided me the capabilities to manage my properties in a modern digital platform. I also wanted a seamless end to end solution that offered Application Evaluation, Digital leases to Electronic payments. I found that this software provides all this, and at a price that is affordable to a small scale property owner.

Alan B.
Alan B.

AOA Digital keeps important property info organized, with an intuitive easy to use design. Their staff is continually working on enhancements and changes to make it even better.

Top 16 Features Included With Every Plan



Everything online: applications, tenant screening, leases, rent payments, maintenance requests, accounting, detailed property information, late notices, and more. Save on office supplies and reduce clutter. Allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere and reduce overhead. Save some trees in the process.


Digital Rental Applications

Signable rental applications and rental/lease agreements are pre-programmed in AOA Digital. Send a link of the time-tested AOA Rental Application to your applicant or install it on your website. You can fully customize the application, and set required fields. Once a prospect submits the application, the application will show up in the software and send you an email notification.


Tenant Screening

Credit reports starting at $8.50! Seamlessly screen your applicants. No need to decipher hand-written rental applications! Let your applicants fill out the signable online rental application; that information automatically fills into AOAUSA’s time-tested Tenant Screening application.

Screening tenants since the 90’s, AOAUSA has the right mix of the most effective products available on the market. You’ll come to appreciate the Double Whammy Eviction Reports, 3-in-1 Criminal Searches, and FREE ABC Grade Reports.


Digital Rental Payments

Increase cash flow: Help your tenants avoid late or missed payments when you give them the ability to pay online from phone or computer, with bank account or credit card. If you set it up, whether they are on vacation or you are, you’ll receive your rent!

Increase efficiency: Tenants receive an automated receipt and the payments automatically post the income entry to accounting. Once again, AOA provides another low-cost solution with you in mind.


Robust Accounting

Full general accounting available for download. AOA Digital delivers comprehensive expense and income tracking. It includes key financial reports and graphs covering every aspect of your business. There are multiple types of the following reports that can be filtered and sorted in various ways:

  • Rent Roll
  • Profit and Loss
  • Payment History Reports
  • Lease Reports
  • Property Reports
  • Tenant Reports
  • Work Order Reports
  • Other Accounting Reports

Work Order System

Manage all work orders, requests and follow up online. Estimates, pictures, documents, and details can be added for each work order. Access can be granted to managers, residents, maintenance staff, vendors, and owners to reduce phone calls, paperwork, and provide accountability. Keeps an accurate maintenance history for each property to avoid duplication and extra expense.


Lease & Addendum Creator

Coming Soon: Use up-to-date AOA Forms as templates or map your own Word Documents! Combine up to ten documents into one set to print or send digitally to your incoming tenant. This feature automatically fills all of your information into the agreements. It also automatically places the e-signed documents with all other tenant-specific information.


Tenant Portal

The AOA Digital Tenant Portal is 100% mobile friendly, which makes it easy for tenants to check their balances, pay rent, or make maintenance requests. This bank-grade secured portal displays account balance, payment history, work order history, and more.


Simplify Communication

Written communication through the tenant portal makes it easier for you and your tenant to communicate. All of your communication is saved in one central location, creating a reliable record for your organization. You have complete control over which residents (if any) have access, and you can remove them at any time.


Publish Vacancies Online

Publish vacancies online with ease. Utilize the full integration with and their affiliates to upload pictures and add all of your desired content. Input your property only 1x during setup and you’re done.


Income Tracker

Automated lease and rental income tracking. Rent roll is automatically updated as payments are entered. Late fees are added after the due date has passed. Never lose track again of how much is owed to you from current, past, and future tenants.


Owner Portal

Organize your properties by location, owner, state, property manager and more. Give access with real time visibility and ability to run reports to specific users and properties. Reduce phone calls with seamless integration of information.



Get started faster by importing rent roll, accounting, and vendor information through the data import function. The CSV templates provided will make your data migration process easier. Don’t have time? Custom data migration services are available. Tutorials and customer support are available to help you master AOA Digital.


Free Tech Support

Email or call us anytime during normal business hours, and we will be happy to answer any questions. Saving you time and money is our highest priority! We’re here to help. Feedback makes DigitalLandlord great; we take user feedback and make constant upgrades to the program.


Multiple Income Streams

Manage any type of property or income stream online with one software solution. Apartments, MH Parks, Notes, Mini-Storage, Single Family, Duplexes, Marinas, Offices, Hotels and more. You have the ability to keep the information separate but on the same site.


Detailed Property Info

Organize the details of each unit. Keep track of maintenance performed, upgrades installed, serial numbers of appliances, lease & payment history, pictures, tax bills, and more. This feature is easily accessible and highly useful.

AOA Digital Will
Save You Money, Time,
& Headaches

AOA Digital Will
Save You Money, Time,
& Headaches

Maximize your AOA Membership through the software that integrates your AOA membership benefits. Try it out today completely risk free for 30 days. If you don’t like it, cancel anytime. There is never anything to install and all updates are free and automatic.

Absolutely Free

AOA Digital

Key Features

Online Rental Payments
Online Rental Payments

When your tenant pays rent online, the funds automatically deposit into your bank account and post the income entry. It also sends the tenant a payment confirmation and notifies you of the payment.

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Digital Documents
Digital Documents

Whether you use the AOA Forms or ones from your attorney, you can compile and manage those documents digitally. Store, send for e-signature, and have them attached to your tenants’ profile.

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Tenant Screening
Tenant Screening

AOA Digital Property Management Software has a digital rental application. You will be able to send the applicant information from that online form directly to your AOA Membership program to run a credit check. Take advantage of member pricing and save big on AOA Tenant Screening!

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Easy to use, easy to access, and easy to setup Request a Demo