Jeffrey Taylor
Jeffrey Taylor

I have been using this software for many years and found it to be user-friendly and it indeed helps me to manage my properties from anywhere!

Samantha Easton
Samantha Easton

I love that I can do anything I need from my phone or office computer. All of the data is stored in one place and my tenants can communicate easily through the tenant portal. We can track work orders and rent payments easily to ensure nothing gets missed.

Rafael Wong Perez
Rafael Wong Perez

This software has been the cornerstone of an efficient administration. The application is intuitive and easy to learn. AOA Property Management Software's pricing structure is very competitive for all the features it offers, specially for start up businesses. It allows you to start small but it's totally scalable as your administration business grows. It's help desk is very responsive. Fully recommend the app.

Michael H.
Michael H.

When I started the search for a property management platform, I wanted a scalable, robust cloud-based solution, that provided me the capabilities to manage my properties in a modern digital platform. I also wanted a seamless end to end solution that offered Application Evaluation, Digital leases to Electronic payments. I found that this software provides all this, and at a price that is affordable to a small scale property owner.

Alan B.
Alan B.

AOA Digital keeps important property info organized, with an intuitive easy to use design. Their staff is continually working on enhancements and changes to make it even better.

Top 16 Features to Streamline Your Business



Go digital and online: applications, tenant screening, leases, rent payments, maintenance requests, financial management reports, detailed property information, late notices, and much more. Store and organize all relevant documents electronically online. Save on office supplies and reduce clutter. Gain the flexibility to work from anywhere and reduce overhead. Save some trees and be kind to the environment in the process.


Online Rental Applications

Digital rental applications with electronic signatures are integrated in AOA’s Property Management Software. Send an application link of the time-tested AOA Rental Application to your applicant or embed it on your website. You can fully customize the rental application with fillable fields, and set mandatory fields. Once a prospect submits the online application, the software sends you an email notification and the rental application is automatically populated into the software.


Tenant Qualification Screening

Credit reports starting at $8.50! Seamlessly screen your applicants. No need to decipher hand-written rental applications! Let your applicants fill out the online rental application and electronic sign; the submitted information automatically populates into AOAUSA’s time-tested Tenant Screening application. No more re-typing in multiple places.

Screening tenants since the 90’s, AOAUSA has the right mix of the most effective products available on the market. You’ll come to appreciate the Double Whammy Eviction Reports, 3-in-1 Criminal Searches, and FREE ABC Grade Reports.


Low Cost Online Rental Payments

Tenants can pay you online directly from their tenant portal. No more waiting for paper checks to arrive in the postal mail, and no more making trips to the banks to make deposits. Electronic payment is direct and instantaneous. Increase Cash Flow, Increase Efficiency… more


Financial Management & Reports

AOA’s Property Management Software delivers comprehensive expense and income tracking. It includes key financial reports and graphs covering every aspect of your business. There are multiple types of the following reports that can be filtered and sorted in various ways:

  • Rent Roll
  • Profit and Loss
  • Payment History Reports
  • Lease Reports
  • Property Reports
  • Tenant Ledgers
  • Work Order Reports
  • Other Management Reports

Standard management reports readily available in PDF format or downloadable into multiple formats including Excel.


Work Order Management

Manage all work orders, service requests and follow up online. Cost estimates, proposals, pictures, documents, and details can be saved and cataloged online for each work order. Restricted access can be granted to managers, residents, maintenance staff, and vendors, and owners to reduce phone calls and manual paperwork, to quickly assign responsibility. and to improve accountability. Keeps an accurate maintenance history for each property to avoid duplication and unnecessary work and extra expense.


Online Lease & Addendum Creator

Digital lease agreements and addenda with electronic signatures are integrated in AOA’s Property Management Software pulling information from the Online Rental Applications. Create digital lease agreement packets and route them to your incoming tenant via email or the Tenant Portal.

Coming Soon: Use time-tested and professionally and legally reviewed up-to-date AOA Forms as templates. Combine up to ten documents into one set to print or or send digitally to your incoming tenant.


Tenant Portal

Provide value to your tenants. Access to the AOA’s Property Management Software Tenant Portal is specifically granted to tenants which makes it easy for tenants to manage online leases, check their rent balances, pay rent, or make maintenance requests. This bank-grade secured portal displays account balance, payment history, work order history, and more.


Communication & Activity Log

Written communication through the tenant portal makes it easier for you and your tenant to communicate.

Communicating through the portal provides a reliable record and history for your organization. It also consolidates all of your communication in one central electronic filing system. You have complete control over which residents (if any) have access, and you can remove them at any time.


Advertise Vacancies Online

Publish and advertise vacancies online with ease. For a nominal fee, you can utilize the full integration with Redfin and its network of platforms. Create listing details, upload pictures and add all of your desired content. Input your property only 1x during setup and you’re done.


Income Tracker

Automated tracking of rent balance due. Late fees are systematically added after the due date has passed. Rent roll is automatically updated as payments are received and posted. Never lose track again of how much is owed to you from current, past, and future tenants.


Portal for Other Stakeholders

Organize and stratify your data by property, location, owner/investor, state location, property manager and more. Give access with real time visibility and ability to run reports to specific users and properties. Reduce phone calls, wait period, turnaround time and delays. Better manage your day without unnecessary fire-drills and special requests.


Simple & Easy Data Import

Get started faster by importing your legacy data: rent roll, accounting, and vendor information through the data import function. The Excel templates provided will make your data migration process easier. Don’t have time? Custom data migration services are available. Tutorials and customer support are available to help you master AOA’s Property Management Software.


Free Tech Support

Email or call us anytime during normal business hours, and we will be happy to answer any questions. Saving you time and money is our highest priority! We’re here to help. If you have feedback or suggestions for enhancements, let us know too. We take user feedback and make constant upgrades to the program.


Rent Reporting to Credit Agency

Upon consent, this feature automatically reports rental payment history to TransUnion. It is compliant with AB-1157 for those of you that must offer rent reporting to tenants with subsidized housing.


Asset Management Tool

Organize the details of each building and its units. Keep track of acquisition date; maintenance performed; upgrades and amenities installed; serial numbers of appliances: rental rate, turnover and vacancy history; pictures; tax bills, and more. This feature provides a very useful asset management database.

AOA's Property Management
Software Will Save You
Money, Time, & Headaches

AOA's Property Management
Software Will Save You
Money, Time, & Headaches

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